We provide professional Audit, Taxation, Consulting and Accounting services.
We have an extensive knowledge of the Mozambican market, the legal and business environment and the fiscal challenges.
We believe that all projects are important and that our clients are actually our business partners.


Assurance commitments and Advisory are at the heart of what we do. Our qualified professionals seek to work in close collaboration with the people in charge to understand the continuous changes in their business environment and thus respond to their needs.

Independent advice helps respond to customers' business needs to obtain assurance about the reliability and validity of information related to the products, services or sector of activity in which they operate. Whatever the vision of our customers, the reliability of the internal control environment and accounting systems must be ensured. We can help design and improve systems, anticipating problems and finding solutions.

On the other hand, an independent audit contributes to increasing the credibility of financial statements and investor confidence. These services give our customers the stability they need for effective management and to achieve their objectives, as decision makers need to be assured that the decision-making process is supported by reliable information, as well as business risks, ensuring that they are being managed effectively. We can give our customers the security they need. Por outro lado, uma auditoria independente contribui para aumentar a credibilidade das demonstrações financeiras e a confiança dos investidores. Estes serviços dão aos nossos clientes a estabilidade de que necessitam para uma gestão efectiva e para alcançarem os seus objectivos, pois os decisores necessitam de ter segurança de que o processo de tomada de decisão é suportado por informação fidedigna, bem como devem estar alerta para os riscos de negócio, garantindo que os mesmos estão a ser geridos eficazmente. Podemos dar aos nossos clientes a segurança de que necessitam.

Our Assurance and Advisory (A & A) team provides a specialized service to different types of organizations. Our audit approach is based on a consistent methodology developed to comply with the International Auditing Standards, based on respect for the principles of professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior, which are part of the daily life of all members and other professionals. This methodology is reflected in our quality control manuals, which mirror a set of audit standards that cover the tasks of supervision, review and consultation. We provide our staff with on-going training and we provide you with technologies and tools that help our teams of professionals to access the knowledge they need to perform their duties in a professional and competent manner.

Thus, our Assurance and Advisory (A & A) team develops the following services with its clients:


More than ever, the changes happen at an amazing pace, which is why it becomes fundamental to identify, plan, obtain and disseminate information relevant to decision making. A decision-making process, when not properly reasoned, entails the risk of leading to options that harm the interests of the organization, because they are tainted by reality. In this context of change, the Tax Advisory is of crucial importance and is an aspect widely discussed in the daily management of organizations.

Indeed, the frequent changes in the area of ​​tax regulations applicable to companies and other economic agents are particularly conducive to the occurrence of errors in the fulfillment of tax obligations, often with disastrous consequences.

But just as important as the problems that an appropriate Tax Advisory helps us to avoid, are the opportunities that help us to identify, through an adequate use of the current legislation that takes into account the nature of the company's business.

Pros and Contas is convinced that its clients are looking for: (i) a quality service always characterized by the timeliness of the tax information, (ii) an efficient and timely tax advice translated into the elimination of present and future risks and iii) the identification of anticipated solutions, through a proactive diagnosis of the specific problems: for each question, a solution.

In order to respond to these needs, Pros & Accounts offers its clients a wide multidisciplinary team of tax specialists who can offer a wide range of services:


In an ever changing environment, consulting services are indispensable tools for managing organizations. It is not possible for most organizations to draw on their internal resources to solve all their challenges.

It is in this context that Pros & Accounts can support the management, providing the know-how of its professionals, allowing a different view of the problems and a solution for them.

Pros & Accounts offers a wide range of consulting services. From the creation of business plans, the monitoring and presentation of investment projects, business reorganization projects and the creation of specific maps to support management.


Managers and organizations are confronted daily by enormous pressures at the most diverse levels, with increasing need to improve business performance and to resolve issues affecting different functional departments or areas of the organization. Responding to these issues requires adequate professional accounting assistance that crosses the different sectors of the organization, namely those related to: people, processes, structure and technology.

Pros & Accounts considers accounting assistance (in the broad sense of the term) not only in the light of a project leading to the preparation of activity reports and compliance with legal / fiscal and statutory obligations, but also as a valuable auxiliary to management support in the creation of value.

Our outsourcing and management support department, methodologically prepared for corporate control on a regular basis of financial performance, prepares a timely, structured and risk-oriented and business-oriented reporting tailored to each client's reality.

Our services can be carried out in our facilities or those of our clients, and can phase in the workers of the organizations in conditions of mutual agreement.

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